Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Amie

Hello Voices, meet Amie the lovely winner of our October Writing Contest! We wanted to let you get to know her a little better and then share her winning work later this month. Here is the lovely Amie.

Tell us a little about your self.
I love out loud. That’s the best description of myself as I walk day-to-day, learning and asking for an extra portion of grace each day. I’m 39 years old, grew up in North Carolina and originally from Ohio. I married a German and have traveled around the world – literally. I don’t have any kids of my own, but God has given me an extra portion through the work I do at the North Charleston Dream Center and the e3 mentoring program.
When did you start writing.
My heart for writing started when I entered a beauty pageant in high school and needed a talent. I knew that singing or dancing wouldn’t be a very good option, so I chose poetry and spoken word. I guess back then it wasn’t called spoken word, but I did get first place in the talent portion – so I gave up on the life of beauty pageants and stuck with the writing. 
What is your favorite thing about writing.
I love the opportunity to share my thoughts, dreams and opinions and writing provides you with a way to do just that. I can dream all kinds of crazy things and use the creative portion of my brain that doesn’t always get used in my day-to-day life. I am a communicator and writing is a great way to communicate!
Where do you want to go in your writing.
I didn’t start writing again with any specific goal in mind. I just knew I wanted to go back and do what I love. I guess I always have the dreams of writing a book – I come up with titles, chapters, ideas and thoughts all the time.
What is your favorite source of inspiration?
I loved Edgar Allen Poe when I was a young – strange writing with so many turns and twists to a story. These days I like to see how much power is in one single word. To take that and express it on my blog – sharing the day-to-day of life, hoping to inspire and encourage someone else along in their journey.

Thanks Amie for sharing with us!
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  1. Hi Amie, it was a pleasure meeting you at the writers' group at Seacoast and learning more about your background. Keep communicating the way God has blessed you to do! 

  2. Thanks Tess! I love the community and encouragement for writers. Saw where you're speaking at barcampchs tomorrow...praying it goes well and would love to hear about your experience. Blessings!