Friday, September 7, 2012

How to: Format a Blog Post

Formatting 101:

As a writer we all know that format is very important. There is a very correct way to write, and a very incorrect way, not a lot of gray area. With blogging it is different. Now I know the "writers" out there might not agree with me but think about the differences between printed work, and screen work. In print your eyes can read page after page with out eye strain, on a computer screen it doesn't take long for eye strain to set in.

Take The Cannoli

Size matters.
Your blog post size does matter. Think of your blog as a conversation with your readers. Would you feel like you have a relationship with someone that post once a month and only a paragraph at a time? Now I am not saying every post has to be an epic, but keep a mixture of sizes. Constant super long post are just as annoying as a reader as constant super short post.

Add photos! 
Pictures are a great way to add depth to what your writing. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and they are right. A blog post is limited to size so why not use a photo or two to help make your point or convey your emotions?

Mrs Pate Writes

Break up text.
By changing up fonts, colors, sizes,and adding photos, it gives your readers a place to rest their eyes. Blogs are read on computers, shocking I know, but with that you have to remember eye strain can set in every quickly. You know what a read to walk away from your blog with a headache.

Remember 12 point.
Keep your the main part of your font 12 point. Just like changing your font, changing your size can cause a reader problems. The last thing you want is your reader to squint to read your post! On the other side is you don't want your readers to be able to read a word a screen, because you chose such a huge font. Use larger (or smaller) fonts to break up a post or add emphases on your writing.

Rags to Stitches

Location, location, location.
Never forget your readers are reading on their phones, tablets, or computers, so make your post easy for those devices to load. Stop using those crazy fonts! I know they are cute and adorable, but a whole post in a crazy font is hard to read, and hard for the computer to load. Not every computer is created equal some will take longer to load those fonts! Want to use those cute fonts? Keep them for your blog title or to break up the text. The majority of your text should be in a readable font. Think the classics, Ariel, Times, Courier, even Verdana.

I hope you keep in these things in mind as your writing. Look at others blogs, make note what you like and implement that. Have fun, make your blog yours, and keep your readers in mind! 

photos used with permission.

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