Friday, August 24, 2012

How to: Be a Blogger

Every time someone finds out I'm a blogger the first thing they say is, "Oh my life is not interesting enough for someone else to read about". That always makes me laugh because, honestly neither is mine. There is this image of a "blogger" as this mystical person that has the most adventurous life. People flock to their blog to read all about their amazing insight, hysterical stories and touching moments. All while some how making enough money solely by blogging, that they get to just stay at home and write.

Ready to have your bubble popped....
It's not true. I wish I could say I was that cool. That I had people flocking to my blog, that I made some sort of substantial money, or that my life had some adventure. But its none of that, blogging is just writing. It's writing that human element that we all share. Its just Life. Its human interest. Its meeting friends over a cup of coffee and instead of being face to face, your reading their words.

Their words, your words can be about anything. That is the great thing about words, you can make them what you want. If you want to write about food, recipes, and all that yumminess do it! Trust me I will read it and pretend I can cook.  Love fashion? Write about it. Are you a poet, stringing words together in a melody? WRITE IT!

Be a blogger, it gets your writing out there. You get feed back, your hone your skill, and you can "meet" a lot of amazing people. Some of the people out there that I feel the closest too are fellow bloggers! Have I ever meet them face to face? No. Is there a connection there, yes. When you share you life, you connect. If it is just one piece of your life your still sharing.

Isn't that what writing is all about?

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