Friday, June 1, 2012

How To:

Every week we're going to walk you wonderful ladies through different aspects of writing, blogging, and anything else you have questions about! I want this to be something that is truly beneficial to you, but for that to happen I need to know "what do you need"? What are the things you want to know more about? Please leave a comment below and we will take them a week at a time. There is no question too big, to small, or too silly! We want each of you to grow in this process, for that to happen we need to know what you need!

With that being said to the How To is something that is very close to my heart.

How to make a blog.

Now I know, not everyone wants a blog but just hear me out. No one has ever said blogs are just for bloggers to write about their lives. I believe they are an excellent writing tool. Blogs are an amazing way to get your writing out there.

Here is How To: Set up a Blogger Blog!

Go to Fill in your email (if you have a gmail account) if not you can register for one. If you already have an email account, you can set the gmail to just be your blogger account. I'll go over that in a min.

Next, you can pick if you want a google+ profile or just a blogger profile. 

Next is where you create your blog by picking a Blog Title, then a URL. Your Blog Title is what your blog will be called and they do not have to match. For instance my Blog Title is Mrs Pate Writes, but my URL is  Your Blog Title can be changed at anytime, but your URL should not be changed. 

Once you pick a name, and URL, the next step is to pick a template. There are amazing, easy to use templates on blogger and can be changed at any time, and can be customized.

 When your blog is "created" your next step is to simply post! A post is what you are writing.

 Hit Publish, and volia! You are an official Blogger!

I would love to know if any of you start a blog! If you do and would like to share it, copy your URL into the comment section below! 

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