Friday, June 29, 2012

How To: Add a gadget

Today, we are going to look more at Blogger Layout. It can be quite intimidating, but once we look at the steps I know it will become much simpler for you to use.

We're going to start with adding a Gadget. A Gadget, also know as a widget, are basically applications inside of the blog. Like a smart phone has Apps, a blog has gadgets (widgets). There are gadgets for all different types of things. From adding HTML code, to a fish tank, a bible verse of a day, or your twitter feed.

So, let's learn how to add a gadget!

Open Blogger, and select layout. (Just like we did last week)

Once you select layout, you will come to your layout page. The layout page is the skeleton of your blog. Depending on your layout, you can have multiply places for a gadget. Where ever you can place a gadget, has the words "add gadget" its, a quick easy way to know where you gadgets can live. 

 When you select add gadget, another window will pop up and here is the list of gadgets. There are descriptions for every one of them. The good new is, if you don't like a gadget you can remove it!

This format of adding gadgets will really help you customize your blog. Go make your little space of the big wide web all yours.

Next week we'll be doing blogger buttons! 
It involves adding gadgets so get some practice in this week! 

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