Friday, December 28, 2012

How To: Start Writing Again

Christmas is over and if your like me you've realized you haven't written anything, in well, a month. Since being stuffed with turkey your blog hasn't been stuff with anything. Here are some great ways to get your writing grove back.

Participate in a link up:
Link up are a great way to not only write something, but meet other bloggers. Most bloggers out there host a link up or participate. Link ups are easy to use. There is normally some sort of writing prompt,  a place to add your link, then a list of people who have "linked up" where you can ready what they have posted.

Reading goes a long way. Reading gets those wheels turning, rattles off the dust and can inspire you.

Journal/ Free writing:
I love these two! I not only have a blog, but keep an actual journal. The act of handwriting helps my brain focus. Many times I use my journal as a free writing tool. Free writing is a simple exercise where you just start to write with out any thought of structure. Sometimes when you read back over your writing you find some great quotes you can use, but most of the time is just random writing. It doesn't matter because it gets you writing again.

Let's have a Voices link up!
What are you looking forward to in 2013?

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