Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Octobers Writing Contest

I have a confession, I am a poetry nerd. For years I have poured my self over Frost, Angelou, Cummings, Dickinson and Poe. There is something about a poem, the words sing, they climb into your mind, pulling, tugging, reaching deep in creating an emotion like no other form of writing. Like I said I'm a poetry nerd. Throw reformed drama kid on top of it and there will be no question what my favorite poem is. 

 Robert Frost: Nothing Gold Can Stay 
 Nature's first green is gold, 
 Her hardest hue to hold. 
 Her early leaf's a flower; 
 But only so an hour. 
 Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
 So Eden sank to grief, 
 So dawn goes down to day. 
 Nothing gold can stay.

This is Octobers writing contest. No you don't have to write a poem so everyone can breath, just be inspired by this one. We are picking one blog post and one traditional piece for the winners.

All entries must be in by third Tuesday with winners announced at our Third Thursday meeting! 

Winners will be highlighted the following month on the Voices blog, with an interview and the winning piece posted during the month! 

All blog entries must have an active blog.

All writers must be apart of Voices, 
either in a critic group or participating in the Third Thursday meet ups. 

All entries must be emailed to voicescharleston(at)gmail
  Sorry bloggers no link-ups.

Get inspired and have fun! 

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