Friday, September 21, 2012

How To: Build Followers

Every blog, and writer for that fact wants to build their platform. There are multiply ways to build your platform, but I believe the best way to do so is simply.

Follow Others!

Shocking I know. Writing, blogging, and all this social media falls back on one thing- relationships! The easiest things to do is things I am sure you are already doing.

Follow other bloggers. The best way to meet other blogger/writers is follower their blogs. Nothing says "hey I like you, lets me friends" like a follow. It takes a few seconds to follow on GFC, HelloCotton, Bloglovin, Rss Feed, or by email. 

Comment, Comment, Comment. Leaving someone a comment is just sweet. As a blogger it really makes my day when someone leaves me a comment. Many days blogging seems like I'm talking to my self, I question if anyone is listening, or if what I am saying even effects anyone. Just getting a comment that says "great post" is enough. Plus when you comment you are opening the door to communication. 

Chat with them on Twitter & Facebook. You know you are already on both of them, use them! I love when some one just tweets me "Hi!". It's fun to follow some ones life in 140 characters all day.  

Jump on our directory page and start following the blogs! 
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  1. This is EXCELLENT advice.  I hate that we are losing the tradition of commenting on blogs.  We're all turning into trolls!  LOL

  2.  Thanks! I think it's important too! It's not always how fast you comment (like this time ;)) but that you comment!