Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it Time for a Break?


One way to actually improve your writing is to, well, stop writing – at least for little bit. I’m not talking weeks or months but maybe just a day or even a few hours, especially if you’ve found yourself staring at a blinking cursor since breakfast.

True, the only way to accomplish anything as a writer is to just sit down and start writing but sometimes writer’s block hits us and we need to step away. Separating yourself from non-stop thinking about your work can give you some clarity and perspective.

You also can try talking through your piece with a colleague, spouse or friend. In the course of your conversation you might discover just the spark you need. I once heard a great way to find the most important part of a news story is to pretend like you’re calling your mom, your friend or your husband and then think about the first thing you say. That’s the lead paragraph of your article.

A similar principal can apply to all styles of writing: what’s the point of the story?

Pausing to think, talk and clear your mind can bring a new spark and creativity to your writing you probably won’t find while staring at your computer screen.

Have you taken a break from your writing? Do you talk about your writing with others? How does it help spark your creativity?

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