Friday, June 8, 2012

How To: Mobile Posting

Keeping with the blog "how to" trend I wanted to talk about something that has helped update, and schedule my blog. There is one thing that is important no matter what you blog about, consistent posting. Readers become connected to you, what ever you write, so going two weeks with out posting isn't going to do your blog or your writing any good. Honestly the more you write the better your craft will be.

For me, a sahm with two little boys, I need a quick way to assemble post, jot down ideas, and publish on the fly. Thus today's How To: The Blogger App. 

This is going to show you how to use the app on your iPhone. You can use this app on an iPad and Android. If you don't use either don't worry, next week we will be back to a computer based how too. The first thing you want to do is to of course download the app to your phone. Once the app is downloaded (it is free by the way) you will be asked for your log in information. This only happens the first time you open the app.  

The next screen you open will have your list of blogs. Most people have one, I have a slight "blogession" and have way to many blogs! Click on the title of your blog and then your in business.
For me, its hard to write a long post on my phone. Between autocorrect and my lack of iPhone typing skills it gets a little dicey sometimes. Now that I know how to add photos straight from my phone, I use it the app with every post.

I don't know if your like me, but every photo I take is with my phone. It was time consuming to email every photo to my self, down load it to the computer, and then load it to Blogger. Now I can just go in to Blogger App, add in the photos I want, save it (do not publish it) then add in the text on the computer.
The photos appear on the bottom of the screen.

Once you have your post finished whether you wrote it on the phone or on the computer, hit publish and voila! 

If you are using Word Press, there's an App for you also. The Word Press App is on the iPhone and Android platforms. Once the App is down loaded you can start a blog, add to a blog, or even add a self-hosted blog. 

Word Press then ask for your log in information. Once logged in you select your blog that you want to edit. Yes, I have to word press blogs also. 

Select your blog. Then you have the option to read your blog, or by selecting your blog name you can go in and add a post, video, photo, link ect.

The thing I like about the Word Press App, is you have more options. You can check out status, add links, it works more like the actual Word Press Site.

I hope all of this helps you ladies out! Have fun posting. 

Please let me know what you need a How To on! 

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