Sunday, May 27, 2012

May’s Third Thursday at Voices

Did you miss Third Thursday this month?

We had a great night. We were blessed to have GlynnisWhitwer, Editor at  P31 Magazine, author of several books, and Director of the Writer’s Track at the She Speaks Writer/Speaker conference as our guest.  She gave us some sound advice for improving our writing and getting our work noticed.

Q:  What does it mean to make sure your work is “polished”?
A: Get your logic tight. Use one common theme and make sure you stick to that theme through the entire article or post. Also, make sure that all grammar and punctuation have been cleaned up.

Q:   What is the most common mistake you see writers make?
A: Trying to say too much.  Always ask yourself: “What do I want my reader to take away?” If you can’t put it in a sentence (the take away) then it’s too long and you are trying to cover too much information in your article.

Q:  What is most important thing a writer can do to improve their writing?
A:  Join a critique group. (Preferably, one without your mother and sister in it!)  To give the best kind of feedback, when critiquing someone’s work, make sure you tell the HOW to improve it, not just that it needs some work.  Also, invest in good resources such as the Christian Writer’s Market Guide. It is invaluable.

June’s Third Thursday at Voices will be about “All Things Blogging.”  We will address everything from the basics of blogging,  how to grow your blog followers, how to make blogging your career, and much more. We will also have a panel of successful bloggers on hand to answer your most burning blog questions.   

If you have a question you would like to ask our panel of experts post it in the comments below and then come to June’s Third Thursday at 7pm to hear the answer!

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