Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome To Voices

Welcome to the Voices: Write to be Heard blog! This is the brain child of one of our members, Tiffany Pate. Tiffany is a blogger (Mrs Pate Writes) and is well versed in creating blogs, so she kindly set this one up for us. This blog will feature information about writing, interviews, and writing prompts to get your creative juices going. We may even have a contest or two for our members in the near future.

We are so thrilled with our turnout of enthusiastic writers last week! Based on what I saw on your questionnaires, you are a very diverse group of women with a wide range of experience and interests in the world or writing. What an exciting group of ladies to be working with.

As we talked about last week, Voices exists to resource, support, and encouraging its members, and the questionnaire we handed out was developed so that we could find out what YOU are most interested in learning about first.

You have spoken! The first two topic "winners" are:

May 17: How to improve your writing and the "craft" of writing
June 21: Blogging and all the facets of it 

At the May meeting, you will also be meeting your critique group members. We will have more specific information closer to each meeting about what to expect. Thank you again for you enthusiasm. Don't forget to bring your writing friends next time. The more the merrier!

Happy Writing,


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